The Specter of Authoritarianism and the Politics of the ‘Deep State’ - Truthdig

Extensive commentary expanding on the thesis propounded by the Deep State concept

Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State | Blog, Perspectives |

Full discussion of this topic & the excellent article at - also a link to the video.

Anatomy of the Deep State: Beneath Veneer of Democracy, The Permanent Ruling Class | Common Dreams

There is no article I can recommend higher than this - it is essential reading for all that have a pulse. This author states concisely why there must be an awakening & action. The author recently appeared on Bill Moyers’ program on PBS & that episode should be viewed as well. A failure to understand what is controlling the levers of power in our culture & society will lead us to certain doom. Become involved, find a place to express your opinion, do not go down without a fight.

Bailout Architect Runs For California Governor; World Laughs | Common Dreams

Matt Taibbi may be the best writer available on the issues & events surrounding the crippling bank bailouts initiated by Hank Paulson. This piece is more evidence of his genius & wealth of knowledge. If we all understood the corruption and toxic relationship between Wall Street & Washington DC as well as Taibbi there would be revolution on Main Street.

The Last Gasp of American Democracy | Common Dreams

Devastating indictment of America by Chris Hedges. 

Conclusions are very defensible & supported by the evidence.

Unfortunate that the USA has devolved to this state.

Wall Street Sings While Americans Sob: Happy New Year One and All | Common Dreams

Corporate profits soar as the mega businesses are able to control one of their most significant operating expenses - labor costs.

By reducing or eliminating basic benefits, freezing or decreasing wages and refusing to hire new employees while at the same time demanding & getting increased productivity from its workforce Corporations have recorded record profits.

This financial performance is rewarded on Wall Street with gains in Share values thus enriching further those that can afford to participate on stock speculation.

Is it any wonder there is a widening gap between the “haves” from the “have nots” and a greater populating of the “have nots”?

The 1% have gamed the system and continue to reap the benefit of the status quo. They continue to control the levers of finance, business and Government with no motivation to effect any change.

This increase in disparity of incomes & wealth is a formula for Revolution.  

Overthrow the Speculators | Common Dreams

Another masterpiece from Chris Hedges.

Consider what he is saying. What is the role of Bankers in our economy? Grassroots, Public Banks make too much sense. This will never happen so long as money controls Government and the Wall Street Bankers control the money.

After reading this article decide what corporate financial  institution is best for our economy, culture, and best interests. Is it Goldman, Sachs or North Dakota Bank?

Economics at a Loss for Words | RealClearPolitics

The struggle to find the appropriate words to describe our current financial state is undertaken by Robert Samuelson - I think his statement that these are continuing “bad times” should suffice.

Other descriptive words such as “despondency”, “discouragement”, “pessimism”, “miserable”, “distressing”, “traumatic”, “deprivation” are also applicable.

Despite our apparent affluence there is concern that this economy fails to meet our expectation of stability. This economy has failed to meet our standards of justice as the wealth discrepancy widens at an historical rate with the 1% enabled by their bought & paid for benefactors in Government while the workers/producers of this wealth are unrepresented & unheard.  

Samuelson may be on to something when he writes:

The problem might not be a dearth of investments so much as a surplus of risk aversion. For that, candidates abound: the traumatic impact of the Great Recession on confidence; a backlash against globalization, reducing cross-border investments by multinational firms; uncertain government policies; aging societies burdened by diminishing innovation and costly welfare states.

Better Pay Now

Raising the minimum wage would help many Americans, and might actually be politically possible.

In addition to reading the article I recommend reading the comments.